Saturday, September 12, 2009

Melting Pot Lunch

After reading some food blogs about Melting Pot at Sungai Ara, I decided to have a try during lunch hour.
As I enter, what made this place interesting is the magazine corner -loads of women's weekly!
Anyway, we flipped and chatted while waiting for our food.
I think there is only one cook.

It's the only place in Penang that has portuguese devil's curry and I only heard about it when I was in Malacca. Perhaps, the cook is from Malacca (could be right?)

Wanted to eat fish and chip so much.

The fish is not too bad but I find it very oily :(

And the refreshing lemon and laici lemon.
As we paid, I saw the 10% voucher.
So, i told myself, I should go there again to try out the menu.

One week later, we went there again. Since it's my colleague's birthday, I asked the cook if they could have anything special for the birthday girl. And this time, I had 10% discount.

She had a chocolate sundae-jelly-like ice cream.

Glass noodles sounds less fattening.
The other colleague and I agreed that it tasted like fake shark fins.

And the presentation of the chocolate ice cream looks really weird.
(Guys can explain very well!)


Nitin said...

ehem, ehem... no comments about that chocolate icecream.. hope you liked it. ;). there are almost no place here where i could get portugese food. as much as id love to try. their combinations are very unique. sweet ripe mangos for some curry saturated in red pepper.. and chicken marinated in it.. from that description i always wondered how would something like that ever was the devil's curry sweet, sour, bitter, spicy... what?? cause with the portugese you can never really say. :D .. meiyi, where the hell does all this food go? you eat sooooooo much!!! :D

meiyi said...

hey hey..
we need to supply our body with proper nutrition daily, isn't it?

CRIZ LAI said...

So bad of me not visiting them when they started their business years back. No wonder I get nagging from one of the bosses there.. LOL! But... now only I know they don't serve steamboat alone.. sweat...

meiyi said...

so you know the cook? :)