Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cuties @ Children's Protection Society Penang

It was before the Raya Holidays and I was assigned together with another colleague to send some provisions to the Children's Protection Society Penang.

I contacted Suria, one of the coordinators for the home that I'd be dropping by and one thing for sure, all of them who worked in the centre are friendly staff.

It was TV time.
As soon as I arrived the home, I was truly amazed. one by one, the children obediently carried in the groceries we brought. Since it's work-related that I need to 'proof' to the other colleagues that I did not take home the provisions, I asked the care taker to gather the children for a group picture.

And.. yeah.. they are funny.
I couldn't understand the reason boys whom like to look 'funny' in pictures.
What's with the 'fingers-shooting' pose?

I asked this chinese boy to pose again.
Why is he so shy now?

Probably he's thinking, would he be thinking that he would be featured in one of those magazine or newsletter? Anyway, YOU are in my blog, boy!

I think we all play a part to make a difference in these children's lives...


Simply Simply said...

where is this located?

meiyi said...

scotland road

Nitin said...

thats nice.. really nice.. so what did you get em??

meiyi said...

the groceries on the table

Nitin said...

aha.. i see that now.. i was noticing that black hatch back in the window. it seems place. :)