Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jumbo Delicious Sungai Ara Penang

I had a 20% flyer distributed from the bloggers gathering. I'm not very familiar with Sg Ara area, but effortlessly, I found the restaurant with the help of a GPS-like co-driver sitting beside me instructing me the shortest route.

The shop only opens for dinner, 6pm onwards.
Initially, I thought it was some classy place, but it's just another shop lot at that area; there are many similar restaurants sprouting.
I quickly ordered the food before the dinner crowd comes.
What I like best about the place is the BIG JUG of juice that costs only RM4.90. It can be shared among four people.

Other than that, nothing really fancied me.
I didn't quite like the chicken chop as it tasted like pasembur. Somehow, the powder that they used to deep fry the chicken and the gravy tasted similar to the pasemburs.
That explains the reason it was RM7.90.

My friend had grilled salmon which tasted not too bad and now it explains the price to be RM17.90! It's not cheap lah! To add on, the garnish seems like the cuttle fish junk food being deep fried.


VampireM said...

Where exactly is this located?

meiyi said...

the newer shop lots opposite the school.. after the traffic lights to regency heights, turn right..
(nearby to cb yummy cuisine - it's facing the main road)

Passionate Pei said...

what about the soup??

meiyi said...

soup? so-so only lah!

buzzingbee said...

not good ah?? I thought of going to try it out leh

meiyi said...

not so good.. but if you'd like to try .. why not? u've got 20% anyway...