Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feeling lazy in the office? Try Honda U3-X


Nitin said...

nandatho?? what is that thing?? it is soo totally awsome.. i need my office investing on that.. a magic seat.. if you have one of those at office.. you can really brag to your friend that 'my work at office really takes me to places'.. hehe.. now the next thing is an laptop wirelessly connected to your glasses and a virtual keyboard.... now that would be really crazy!!!

meiyi said...

It's honda U3-X.
it doesn't really apply to my office because i've a small office :D

Nitin said...

you know.. the way you said it.. honda u3-x.. it sounded like.. 'its a honda CBR' or a "kawasaki ninja".. it sounds like a lean mean riding machine.. ;)

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