Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making full use of my free Haagen Dazs voucher

I had a few of those 2 scoops Haagen-Dazs vouchers from Bosch and Lomb (Renu) and expiry is 31 Dec 2009.

Just the other day, instead of having a dinner, I got myself belgian chocolate chip and cherry (tasted like black forrest).


Nitin said...

i dunno wether you are familiar with this smiley.. but this is exactly wat i am doing right now =P~ . you really couldnt wait for newyears eve?? some spl occasion?? i love those cocho chip ones. we dont have Haagen-Dazs here but then there is this other one.. i forgot the name.. ahh.. bosh and lomb has spoiled you good!!

meiyi said...

no no.. bosch and lomb - i bought the multi purpose solution (for my contact lens) and i used the bottle to redeem the vouchers!

another one: baskin's? ben and jerrY?