Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Should Employees Facebook in the office?

I would think ,YES!
Why not?

Even Anna says so in Associate Content.

To me, I would agree that the management (the IT folks should unblock facebook) to trust the employees instead of constantly filtering more sites. What's the point?
If they think that facebook could be a distracting tool, then might as well ban the employees from carrying handphones or even to block the usage of emails (externally).


Nitin said...

comon, its facebook. if people wanto misuse anything.. they will misuse anything. its sad when company bans websites like this. work becomes soo darn boring. :X :((.

meiyi said...

yups. i lead a boring working life.

nikki said...

Haha, one could argue that IT Department might finally unblock FB at the price of the company reverting to DOS computers for data entry systems.

Josie Lim said...

My company banned Fb during office hours. but only unlift the banned after office hours.. haha