Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peipei with Old Town Kopitiam Lunch Sets

It's her last day at work.
She's so lucky to have an opportunity coming along.
All the best gal!

So, I followed her along with her colleagues for a farewell lunch at Old Town Kopitiam (bayan baru penang), which was agreed upon earlier. Since I've never tried their lunch sets, thus, I have the habit of snapping some pictures of the food.

The garlic toast was specially ordered for her.

My Pan mee set.
The set comes with a pepsi drink but I added RM1 for a chilled non-sugar white coffee.
The thing I like about old town kopitiam or kim gary is at least they can make my white coffee sugar-less, unlike some cloned kopitiam stalls (what they usually have is the packet drink or teh peng/teh ais).
Sadly, panmee does not taste like the handmade panmees I usually take. Dont have the 'umph' in it and the soup given is the hor hee soup!

Peipei had her curry rice.

Hor Hee Set - as advertised on the radios, which is the equivalent of ipoh kaysee hor fun (Ipoh minced chicken meat flat noodles)

The pepsi cup with old town white coffee logo.

Funny pic ..
I tried to take a picture of the float from this guy.
He ended up stuck at the background.

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