Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yokohama Patisserie

One day, my colleague received a courier box from our Japan counterpart.
We opened up and saw very beautiful packaging.
I thought it should be chocolates and then, I saw the YOKOHAMA FRANCAIS PATISSERIE all over the wrappings.

I remembered seeing four flavours:
- Gianduja (praline)
- Caramel
- Chocolate
- Marzipan (i think)

It's coated with milk chocolate, i think.
When I took the first bite, there are layers of hard honey flakes with two layers of gianduja cream in between. It's truly a sensation.

After that, I felt 'tasteless' tounge due to the pastry's shortening.
Read from Grandma's remedy, consume some boiled some ginger and honey........ to recover our taste buds.


yileen said...

I've had cereal bars that looked like that...but I bet your version tastes WAY nicer!

mei yi said...

well.... it taste 'very' different from cereals.
it's pastry-chocolate-candy-like stuff.
i've never tasted something like tat before