Sunday, July 27, 2008

Celebrating Georgetown Penang as Heritage Town

I thought it would be an interesting week with lots of activities queuing up the whole weekend.
I didn't participated any of the weekends until on Sunday, I thought of dropping by UPR.

There, I heard the speech from our CM. His wife and children came along.

Things over there was pretty much the same as the monthly flea market, except that there were more crowd and more VIPs. The VIPs had their lunch catered by E&O hotel and it was way too crowded to have it in the middle. I felt that Beach Blanket Babylon should submit a proposal to allow them to have a more cosy lunch at their restaurant instead.

Sadly, there wasn't a stage anymore (as it used to be) that made the event very casual and the sound system was REALLY BAD.

Bonus pic (oops.. don't kill me for uploading your pic, ya)
Lenglui in action... :P

Yes.. because of this event... my car is not working!!!! hElp!!~!

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