Thursday, July 03, 2008

Made of Honour

Another chick flick that I didn't liked.
I watched because my friend needed to watch a comedy.
After reading good review about this show from my sis, I thought not a bad try.

Stupid show... stupid show...
iT's so worldy thought..

1. How can one ever get married in church when they don't need to be a member at that church? (it doenst work in my church)
2. How can she accept her best friend who is a fornicator (according to grandma)
3. The fat bridesmaid so funny - does she really need to force herself to fit into that size 8? come on! why didn't she go sign up for GYM classes? It worked for me FANTASTICALLY.

Funny revelation... I finally KNEW what thunder beads are, and it's kinda GROSS!!

And other than that, the rest of the scenes are soooooooooo lovey dovey..

My sis reviews of Her lessons to learn:??
1. It’s tough for guy-gal to be best friend

2. You won’t realize how important that person is in your life or how much you love that person until you lose that person.
--> aiyah.. it's like, you've been using the same stuff for so long, you have feelings/emotions for it. I think it's just feeling that was planted as the years go by..

That's why we call it, BUILD relationships.

3. What everyone deems perfect, may not be perfect for you.
--> aw yea, sounds like my favourite tvb series, The Life's Art.
Yes.. I agree.... but if that guy is a perfect person, I'D grab HIM.

4. It’s nice to find someone whom you enjoy the company, doing things together.
--> Totally, 100% agree.


Simply Simply said...

aikssss....thought wanna ask friends out for this movie tim.....really not nice ar? hehehehehee

Frd From Singapore! said...

Not forgetting, the beads glow in the dark!! :P

mei yi said...

so-so la
juz for laughs....
but i don like indirectmessages.

Shirokishi said...

I watched it before. I agree, it's an ok movie, not great but not unwatchable either :P

Anonymous said...

BTW, I didn't write a good review. This is a typical romance-comedy, with different character, roles. End of the day, the story line stil remains, boy meets girl, fall in love, got prob... but still end up together.
1. Some churches allow their premise and priest to be used. Esp in US. Remember they also have instant wedding in Las Vegas. Anyway, their wedding was not held in a church.
2. Some women who just love the man enough to forgive their sins.
3. Hey, ppl go through extremes to lose weight. That's why we still see weigh loss products on the shelf.