Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

I would say this panda is way too bouncy and his dad never explained how he picked KFP to be his son.
Born a noodle boy, of his dreams and visions, he finally become the Dragon Warrior.
My favourite scene:
After the fight with Tai Lung, Shifu had peace and Po followed Shifu lying down relaxing.
What an awesome scene.
Moral of the story:
There is no secret


Shirokishi said...

Moral of the Story: You can be big, round and cuddly, and still kick butt :D

mei yi said...

lolz. Po din kicked any butts.

Dragon said...

i like po so so so much!!!! so cute!!!

can i have it as a pet?

mei yi said...

okok. i buy 4 u ok!? muack muack..

Shirokishi said...

Oops that's right. He used his butt to sit on ppl's face :P