Saturday, July 05, 2008

Francis Western Food, Pulau Tikus

I've been passing by the road on my way to town, espeically to Gurney Plaza.
It's the coffee shop at the corner at the T-Junction Traffic lights along Cantonment Road.
*Updates: Only open for dinner

Never would I thought that the western fusion food is great there.
Not until a colleague of mine told me that the cook, Francis is good.

I decided to try it.
Saw the menu, cheapest was chicken chop at Rm7.
I thought of trying something alittle special and there it is..

It comes with 2 slices of garlic bread, some coleslaw with pinepalle and two half boiled potatoes.
Chicken Cajun Rm11.50.

And... Rm13.50 Cheese chicken
There is an oven for all the baked stuff, and another area for the 'fried' stuff.
I tried the fries and it's really NOT good (maybe it wasn't Francis that was doing the frying).

Drinks were a little costly, about Rm2 per drink, but it's still affordable for me. :P

I like them because they are friendly.
I asked if it was going to be long, and they have got great customer skills telling me that, they will try their very best for the customers.
*thumbs up*

(sometimes, I would buy things from people who are nice and friendly. :P..
and that's me)


Shirokishi said...

Say, that looks not bad at all! I think I'll go give it a try one day :)

Karen said...

Both looks yummy. The chicken covered in cheese looks so cheezy. I guess it should be delicious!

I only tried once... chicken chop. Nice. Boh lui to eat expensive ones. hehe..

mei yi said...

the cajun is nicer than the cheese.
but chicken chop is fattening. i don't like :P