Thursday, July 03, 2008

Get Smart

I'm usually not a movie go-er, and since it was someone's birthday, thus, I decided to give the birthday baby a movie treat on a movie day. (Hey, it rhymes)

Honestly, I don't like Get Smart (American James Bond).
Yes, I admit.
I Laughed at the cinema because I paid Rm6 for that.
But, it's stupid.
I felt like watching Jim Carey's old movies.
I still like the ORIGINAL James Bond.
The show ended just like that, without me understanding the MORAL of the story.

- maybe... big guys have emotions too!?
- win by thinking out of the box? - using gentleness (by kissing) to your enemy?

Why did the rest liked the show?


Shirokishi said...

It's "Get Smart". It's not meant to have a moral. Even the original TV series never had any morals, just silly things happening one after another of a bumbling spy :P

Sean Connery is still the best James Bond in my books ;)

mei yi said...

I know u will HATE me saying that.

I hate that show ok?
so stupid ok!?
what stupid show was that for?

I rather watch MR BEAN!!