Sunday, July 06, 2008

the one from

I have been in many US MNCs but had never had a chance to be on a business travel trip.
Many of my friends (including colleagues) have traveled several times.

But, this nice friend of me has never failed to 'remember' me in her business trips.
She has always been so thoughtful by bringing my favourite Reese's Peanut butter cup chocolates back to Penang (the big ones and the small ones).

Being a peanut butter lover, I can't seem to get bored with those stuff.

There was once when I saw her carrying a xoxo bag, I have GONE crazy over it. She said she can try to look out those for me.
And she goes off for business travel again.
She asked if I wanted Tommy or Polo bags.
I didn't really fancy those cause people might think that I'm carrying those imitation from China.
And she got a xoxo bag for me!!!
it's only USD12.
Look at the xoxo heart... awwwww... i love hearts...
(hugs and kisses.. muackssss)

I used to see xoxo at 1U. I cant' find it anymore.
Where is it now?


Shirokishi said...

Nice design, looks quite roomy as well. But I think I'll stick to secret pockets sewn in my clothes ;)

HH said...

are you going to leave the pink xoxo tag on? :p

Karen said...

yeah.. nice one. So blessed of you to have such a good friend.

mei yi said...

shirokishi: lol. i'm a girl.. siao ah.. wear big baggy pants?

hh: i'm not so siao le... :-s
i have not started using it yet.

karen: as long as u r a sui 'kaki', it's ok mah.. not that i m not paying her back. :P

pei said...

wei..i wanna eat that Reese's Peanut butter cup chocolates..gimme gimme try..

mei yi said...

aiyoyo. only 2 ler. one for myself, one for my mom already.

Anonymous said...

Cheh.. no wonder i didn't see it :( I like Reese too...

mei yi said...

who are u anonymous? lfy?

yileen said...

Reese....Yum. Hey send some over here la! I haven't seen Reese for ages! Also...UPDATE! Oi! haha.

mei yi said...

boss yileen.. updated!
your wish is my command