Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bella Italia, bellisa Row

Picture quality is really bad this round as this restaurant is WAY to romantic for my Olympus to snap some decent pics.

First course was Fried mushrooms.
Reminds me of cameron highland's mushrooms.
I don't like fried stuff though.

Beef Lasagna with Ricottacheese.
The lasagna sheets are too soft. I think i prefer my usual mozarella cheese. Ricotta cheese is too soft and milk-based for my likings. Since it's low fat, why not?

Chicken with mixed vege underneath
Half-eaten tiramisu.
I don't really feel the ladyfingers and the in-between coffee liquor but the cream was superb!
On my way back, I waited for some fireworks from Heritage Penang event.
This is what I get.

Very small and short moment.
Great weather though!!!!!

P/S: Thanks for the dinner!


Anonymous said...

aiyoyoh, make me 'lao nuah' la - teik huat

mei yi said...

haha. funny la.. u leave ur comments like tat.

Shirokishi said...

For dinner, you're welcome ;)
We've got to do this again sometime ^_^

mei yi said...

next time go jalan2 cari makan at cheaper places ya? :)