Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life's Art

It's really a life- touching tvb 20 episodes cantonese series.
Ryan (starring Kevin Cheng) is the ideal guy that any girl would dream of being with.
Gigi Lai was the imperfect girl (hurt her right hand when she was younger) that found her true love.
few things i see from the serial:
1. Long distance relationship wont last
2. It's important to carry a dream/vision - and the best part, when the other person realizes your dream
3. Never give up life due to some imperfections in your life (her injured hand), but continue to pursuing your dream
4. Stop competing in the rat race (stuck in corporate with no flexibility), but rather find more fulfilment in doing a job that we like
5. Family values and stop trusting friends who cheat you


Shirokishi said...

Here's my take:
1. Long distance relationship - Currently in one.
2. Dream/Vision - Still need to work on it, my dreams keep me in conflict with reality.
3. Never give up due to imperfections - I'm short for a guy, have a funny haircut, but giving up? Never!
4. Exit from the rat race - This one's a work in progress :P
5. Family values + good friends - Completely agree :D

mei yi said...

1. - what's your view about long distance relationshiP?
2. what's your dream then?