Wednesday, September 01, 2010

where I have stopped?

It has been a long since I last stopped where I started about my trip to Sydney. Now I must continue before I start the next journey.

It has been 5 months and I hope my memory has not failed me.
Let's start with some city walks...

Sydney Tower

They have got fitness first there too!
The Wild life World and Aquarium - all within vicinity

National Maritime Museum

The Pyrmont bridge and the Monorail!

The Royal Botanic Gardens - which I supposed is the largest garden in Sydney

Trams for the olds and youngs (and not for the in between)

Spidy and Spidy web
Fruit Bats (flying foxes) at the botanic garden


2in1 shot!

Sydney City

Still holding on to my lunch (Harbour Bridge)

Align CenterStop by for lunch (take-away quiche) and overlooking Sydney Opera House

City View taken from the Royal Botanic Gardens
Sydney Opera House

Wow.... the other side of Opera House

and the harbour bridge

Art Gallery of New south Wales

Some church along Elizabeth St (I think)

And that's about it!

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