Thursday, September 02, 2010

A tanned afternoon at Bondi Beach

It was early in the morning and I decided to have an early walk at the CBD for a quick breakfast.

I thought it'd be good to try their subway breakfast set - coffee, sandwich and choc chip cookie.
I love the coffee in OZ, maybe because of the milk, and it's cheap too!

There was another fast food, Oporto, right at the Central St, which I have never had before..
Just some plain burger with a bacon in between.

That's the beginning of the journey, the Coogee beach. And this is the tour guide from wake up hostel. I was told that we were going to walk to Bondi Beach.

A quick stop at the bronte beach. Some had ice cream.
I just sat and took pictures.

Bronte beach

Some houses by the coastal walk
No time for pictures.. most of the time, i have to walk, and the tour guide really had quick feet. I never seemed to be able to catch up.
Cemetery - I guess both chinese and aussies have one thing in common - to have their graves situated by the sea up on a hill

Peaceful and clean....
It was a long 1.5 hour walk from coogee beach to bondi beach, and here is some road signs to ensure that we are not lost (how can i ever get lost walking along the coastal?)

We continued our walk.
Some school excursion having some treasure hunt. I think they wee supposed to get some clues to answer the questions in the questionaire.

Reaching bondi beach soon. *cheers*

There are lockers and shower rooms available at Bondi Pavilion.

phewit.. bikini girls!!!!
It's a lot of chips but i do not know why i had to sit by the side of the road to eat my take-away.

And after that, I boarded the bus back.. One thing to remember, we need to always give seats to the elderly in the bus.

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