Sunday, May 09, 2010

Sydney - Getting there - First post!

It was very early in the morning, probably 5am (2am malaysian time?)
We took a taxi to Southern Cross to catch the sky bus.
The taxi driver actually tried to tell us that it's cheaper to take the taxi instead of skybus (i don't believe him!)

Oh well, the sky bus is pretty convenient as it runs 24x7.
Next time, i must plan out well to choose a better timing to catch the shuttle at a pick up point.

Since it's my first time traveling domestic and worrying that I might be late with long queues and all, I actually reached the airport very much earlier than expected.

So, after checking in at the Tiger Airway's terminal (it's a separate area just for Tiger's domestic flights), we went to McD's.
Ordered their mini coffee (Only $1.50) while finishing the bananas that we bought from Queen Vic Mart.
They have Krispy Kreme too - but it's not open cause it's way too early.

A bit lost around the airport

Getting back there at the terminal.
I'm impressed that they don't need any confirmation documents.
All we need to do is just to present our ID and it's all in the system

I've reached SYDNEY finally!
My first visit!
I was so excited - feeling like a kampung girl going to a city.

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