Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Blue Mountains, NSW

Initially, I thought of commuting via public transport, but since there was a day tour available which costs only $60, I was thinking, I might as well just follow instead of getting lost in between.

And there, the guide brought us the the most BLUE-est mountain.. .
introducing the blue mountains of New South Wales..

the three sisters

The 3 sisters + 2 sisters.

it looked as if she's at the cliff... and the fact that she was...

was it the king's table or something of that sort?

it's some famous tree
the aboriginal which isn't from blue mountains

We did some hikes (approximate 40 mins) and came by a waterfall.
As usual, the angmohs would take a dip with the bikinis and me the typical asian would just stand aside and take pictures of almost anything of the surroundings..

While we are at it... there were lunch provided. My packed lunch provided by the day tour.

Then we dropped by at the Scenic World and had the 2nd round of hike.
Some hike down for the Katoomba Rail ride, but for me, I hike all the way up again (and took the wrong way - the longer route)


scenic cable

most expensive train ride in NSW

This is where the rail begin..
and suddenly, i see many tour groups (mainly older folks) after another long hike (another 40 mins?? or perhaps more) from the scenic railway entrance

Echo.~.. Helloo~
Some tour guides actually asked their tours to shout for some echoes

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