Saturday, September 04, 2010

Gelati at Lygon St, Melbourne: IL Dolce Freddo

If we are walking along Lygon St, we should not miss trying their gelatis. Since Gelatissimo is available at Malaysia, I decided to pick on Il Dolce, which supposedly has the most queue among all gelati shops. (somehow, i don't know why).

Most asians would recommend the durian flavoured gelati, Sadly, when i was there, the last scoop has been sold out!

Thus, ended up, I tried the other flavours.
I think it was not made up of original ingredients, I felt that it had some flavouring (maybe because it was sweet)


ww said...

My favourite lygon street gelati flavours :) ( i can't remember which shop - there are two along the street right? )
- nocciola? ( hazelnut )
- mango
- coffee
- rum raisin

meiyi said...

i dont have any favourite ones.. haven't had the chance to try so many..

i think over the years, there are more gelati shops.
Hm.. let's go gelati @ gelatissimo @gurney plaza?
what do you think?