Saturday, September 04, 2010

Traveling along Great Ocean Road

I was picked up at Nicholson St very early in the morning and it was raining heavily.
Since it was a cold morning, the guy who was early for coffee and puff asked if I would like to be stay in the hostel while waiting. I declined, of course.

Waited and waited and finally, the coach came.
We were the first passengers and we were brought round the city to pick up others from various hostels.

According to the package, lunch was provided. It was not mentioned that the breakfast was included.
Breakfast = milk + cookies

We all made our own coffee (according to our liking) with generous servings of milk.
That's where we stopped over for breakfast - Anglesea.

Now that we reached the arch of Great Ocean Road.

It was another stopover at Apollo Bay for lunch before we headed to the Port Campbell for 12 apostles.

some naked kids having fun playing sand by the beach.

While I was at the tourist information counter, I saw this cute little pup (i think it's a poodle) and asked permission to take pics of her. The fur was so smooth, just like the soft cuddly soft toys at the departmental store.

Another birdie.

The shy and sleepy koala

Feeding the Kookabura.

Rainforest walk - feels like Malaysia. I think I will not go for any rainforest walks in other countries. Our home country has still the best walks.

Japanese doing her usual kawaii pose with our tour guide

Randomness rose

Had an early dinner (about 5pm+) before heading back to the city. We do not know what to eat, so McD is still the best choice , Angus Beef.

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