Saturday, September 04, 2010

The 12 Apostles

Everyone who goes to Melbourne tells me that I should make a trip to Great Ocean Road. Since I did not make any pre-bookings with the local tours, thus, I did spend a little time walking around the CBD asking about it. Most would prefer tours from APT or Grayline, but since I liked the idea of going in a small coach, I went to the backpackers area. I think the package was about $90.

It was indeed a scenic view admiring the rocks formation at the Port Campbell National Park.
Well the geography says that the rocks are limestone and it was formed from the erosion of many winds and sea waves.

The beach area where could enjoy the closer view of the formation

London bridge - it was once joined but it was torn apart

These pictures were actually downloaded from my facebook page. :)


§nóflèk said...

heyhey there~ love the pics you took! :) did you do any post-processing?

meiyi said...

Yes... some were being hdr-ed :)

§nóflèk said...

oooo but they dun look like the typical HDR though. i never liked those coz they look too fake >.<