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Melbourne Zoo

Since transportation is pretty expensive in Melbourne, I decided to take out the map and walk to the Melbourne Zoo. It took me about 40-50mins to reach. Alternatively, we could get a tram from the city centre.

Well, it was really a long walk.


PressedPennies as souvenirs

What would an Australian Zoo be if there aren't any native australian animals?


Red Panda

Full grown Australian Penguins. I wonder if it's taken from the Philips Island.


A close up picture of a kangaroo wallaby
I just got to remember the characteristic of kangaroo's cousin that it stands the highest 4ft tall, which means, a wallaby is always shorter than me (and cuter) :P
and the kangaroo can stand as tall as 9ft

Fun in the Park under the hot sun for lunch

As I was strolling around the zoo premises, I heard loud roars. I was wondering what would it be, and there, I found the roaring lion!


Lazy, sleepy Koala

They have many friendly giraffes too

random flowers

so pretty

Earlier just before lunch, I see a really long queue and I didn't know what it was. Thus, I kept walking towards the queue and there it was.. Meet the Mali session.
Kids are crazy over a baby elephant. Then again, i think there are many baby elephants in Thailand.
The queue kills enough .
Then I walked over to the Butterfly Farm. But would butterflies survive in Autumn?
As I walked into the farm, suddenly i FELT warm tropical temperature. *perspire*
I would say the farm would look almost replica as the one in Penang, except that there are more visitors here.

college kids making fun of the butterfly. poor butterfly.

Stucked on a kid's sleeve

"Can I take a picture of you?" , I asked.
"Sure", he said.

She went like, "Oh no.. it's on my hand!!!"

Say "Cheese"

Kids.. another one, stand around the elephant.

Capuchin? Gibbon *winks* thanks for the correction
Now I get confused with all the monkey animals. This should be a babboon mandrill. Now I know how to differentiate it. It has blue nose! And, the babboons have really red asses.


Nitin said…
lols.. thats a lot of animals. i have been seeing a lot of animals in the wild . not this many. but a few. :P. and i have been keeping my distance :P.. but you seemed to be caught up in the love for it :P. wanna be a vet??
meiyi said…
the zoo has much more animals/species than this, just that i'm not able to post them all :)
Anonymous said…
your photo taken very well n i like it..^^ fr: Sl

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