Friday, September 10, 2010

Clinic Cafe, Gurney Plaza, Penang

It is pretty interesting to have a clinic cafe at Gurney Plaza.
I'm surprised that there is still crowd there, mainly patroned by women and teenagers.
Why would we want to pay a visit to a clinic when we are still well?
Anyway, they have pretty doctors and nurses to assist us (service is not-too-bad).
They do have a range from western to chinese, and I would say that the price is pretty reasonable for a theme restaurant in a shopping mall.

Need help with the wheelchair?

Clinic Specialist RM8.80

Ketchup in the Syringe

Clinic Sandwich - Rm7.80

Clinic Crispy Chicken salad - RM11.80

Doctor & Nurse (kaya and butter toast bread) - RM2.80

Our drinks

Our orders.
It was quite difficult to get attention from the waiters/waitresses.
I actually suggested them to get the buzzers like the ones in pizza hut :)


Anonymous said...

we had bad experience there.Food n service was bad.In fact the names of the food is dull n not innovative.They r just playing with the medical profession like the kidney dishes n the respectable stethoscope lying on the table.Too bad that theme restaurants had gone down to so low level.

meiyi said...

sorry to hear that..
hope you would have better dining experience in future then.

Steven said...

My family experienced unhygenic and poor attitude of the waitresses. My son's got eggshell and newspaper cutting in the fried rice. Upon complaning, unhappy faces from waitress and was changing full bill with service charge into the bill. Cashier throw my change on the counter not happy with my feedback. Asked to see the Manager, replied NO MANAGER in restaurant. Took the rude staff picture but challenge me by taking my pics too. Sigh........what suck attitude for a restaurant that opens only barely a month plus and also advert their outlet in THE STAR on 15/09/10 claiming everything about their eatery place. I hope relevant authourities should reprimand by closing this outlet.

meiyi said...

hey steven... sad to hear that!!
they should waive your bill and replace your order with a new one.

hopefully the owner/manager would be able to read your comments here..

Anonymous said...

Bad is also what we had experienced.From toilet cafe to clinic?what else maybe a police station setting cafe.Whether the authorities willa llow people or the public to impersonate as police officers with handcuffs etc etc just like what they had pla doctors n beliitle n look down on this noble profession.They should make a police cafe or like maybe some one suggetsed a coffin shop cafe!!!omg.But its true this restaurant sucks.Y r still the naive n immature taking so many photos.R they coming from the ulu!!!

meiyi said...

Hi Anonymous..

I have not seen a coffin restaurant yet, but have definitely heard about the Coffin bread.
Coffin Bread (棺材板) is one of taiwan's famous cuisine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meiyi,i only hear people say abt the coffin cafe.But it will b interesting to see whethe the same people who go to clinic cafe will also patronise the coffin cafe later.???

meiyi said...

probably.. penang people like to try new toilet bowls..
but hard to sustain a business like that!