Thursday, September 02, 2010

Sydney Buildings

It was my last day at the city.
I met a lady at the Hillsongs Sisterhood meeting and she told me I should go and do some shopping at QVB. Yeah, I was thinking I should take another city walk before I board the plane.

Oh dear, it was so long ago that I took this picture, but I think it should be the clock tower of Westin.
Westin area.
I love long corridors.

The Strand, which is also an arcade since 1891.
Wow. That's Ancient.

Along George St.

The entrance of QVB (Queen Victoria Building)

The antique tiles of QVB. It did remind me of our Penang's E&O hotel.

The clock.
Why do I see clock everywhere?

The glass window panes
Pretty fascinating. Even though I've almost zero knowledge about architecture, I think Australia (Sydney or Melbourne) is a good place to start with.

Sydney Tower
School Kids at the Pyrmont bridge.
Some actually do their routine jogs here (yes, at 1pm in the afternoon). I do not know why they do that, I see people jogging at the Royal Botanic Gardens at 1pm too!
The flag raised at the Pyrmont Bridge
Cheers! I miss you, Sydney.
(complimentary drink from Wake up Hostel)

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