Monday, November 09, 2009

Low Hemoglobin (Hb)

I wanted so much to do my periodic blood donation and the last time I donated was in July.
I happily went to a blood donation campaign thinking that I'd be able to contribute to the Penang Blood bank.

I thought I had enough sleep.
I thought I had enough nutrition.
I thought it was the best timing.

And when they checked my Hemoglobin... I was dissapointed..... that the reading was only 12.2.
We need >= 12.5 in order to donate.

Sigh, I blame on myself over-exerting myself the day before; having hikes and swims.
Now that I cant donate my blood!

So the advice was to take more supplements.
The doctor gave me B-complex and Ferum ( I think)


Nitin said...

thank god they stopped you.. hehe..

meiyi said...

how can!!

danz da man said...

So did your urine and faeces change colour?

meiyi said...

of course not.
because i'm lacking of it..
if there is excess, it will appear in the urine..

Pei said...

u still taking d supplement now?? or?

meiyi said...

only 1 tablet a day :)