Sunday, November 01, 2009

SoHo Autocity, Penang

Just found out a new place for cheap lunches.
Believe it or not... it's only RM7.80 per meal..... incredibly cheap for such place..

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon.
My sis and I were at Autocity jalan2 cari makan.
I know we have Soho in Penang island, but then again, the atmosphere is different and it's easier to park there as compared as Penang island.

Can you spot the 'coffin'?
Sherpherd's pie.. It's good... and it's only RM7.80!!!!My sis' roasted chicken and cranberry juice.
Since it was a halloween weekend, i might as well pose with some of their decorations.

Happy Halloween.
But I don't celebrate it, becausee... my Sunday school teacher says so.. :)

My sis is a good photographer :)
*she would be happy to read this*


New Kid on the Blog said...

bingo!! they have value for money meal!!

meiyi said...

yeah. it's really good.
i got to try another time in Penang island .. tee-hee..

Simply Simply said...

I like the 2nd last photo

Pei said...

food looks good..i haven't tried b4 at Soho...bring me ya..;p

joannechong said...

can't believe