Thursday, November 26, 2009

Log Terrace in Hatyai

On our way to Hatyai, the driver suggested us to pay additional of 200baht so he would take us around. One of it is a restaurant called Log Terrace with interesting 'cave' interior.

At first, the tour guide only mentioned that it was a waterfall restaurant, but now i see, it's more of logs and caves..

The food was not that pricey and we were the only customers

Combination of 3 colors:
Red, blue, yellow..

Introduction to the dining area..

OK.. NOw i see the waterfall..

still awaiting for the rice to come..

Otak otak

Mixed vege

Kerabu mango

seafood tomyam

Green chicken curry
Pork legs


Vampire said...

making me hungry this late at night >_<

meiyi said...

lol. did u go there?

JoanneChong said...

Hungry! Hungry!