Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Penang

I have always wanted to visit our very own Hard Rock Hotel in Penang.
And, have always wanted to take pictures of blue skies and it's a complete satisfaction being able to achieve it.

Everyone poses with the guitar so I dont mind doing it too.

Huge Potted plants with HRC logos.

Even MJ now is into photography.

The corridor with two colors.
My 2nd picture is obviously overly exposed. :(

Hard Rock cafe - they were having some private function.
Same here, everyone poses with it, so am I.
Now it's the swimming pool and water park area.

I love this one..
1. coconut trees
2. blue skies
3. Water fountain

= Perfect composition

Some kid (alyssa was her name) was having her birthday party at Pizzeria. I supposed they serve mainly Pizzas.

Mirrors are everywhere. . the normal looking ones..

And the one that enhances my figure.
See you soon Hard Rock Hotel - I'm coming back for HRC for the food!

or for a wedding dinner?


Calvyn said...

now only i know you shoot so much on hard rock... me and dave was very tired already that day

meiyi said...

not many ... i wished i could do more..

Pei said...

we shall go try the food there one day..
n tis gv more choices 4 ppl to do special occasions..good..:)

i luv the pic with the 'perfect composition';with the fountains..