Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Car Insurance Headache

There just too many things that I have to do anually/monthly
1. Road tax/car insurance
2. Credit card payment
3. PA Insurance
4. Annual Income tax declaration

Honest speaking, I hate all these money-related errands to run.
I'd face the trouble of getting my car insurance renewed and road tax renewed.
Now I just got to know that no insurance company is doing 3rd-party insurance.
There is no longer any selection if we are doing it online.

And, if my car reaches 10 years, there are still debates about getting our car health checks in Puspakom.


Vampire said...

gov decided to drop the 10-yr idea already.

meiyi said...

and i hope they dont change their minds

danz da man said...

PUSPAKOM does more harm than good to well kept cars based on reports and forums on the web.