Monday, November 02, 2009

Mean Machines 2009 by CIMB at Autocity Penang

Autocity has been around for a very long time and I hardly drop by for their events.
Since CIMB has been promoting so much about Mean machines 2009 with banners all over Penang, I decided to drop by..Take me home..
I dont know why all car events must have some tube-dressed girls ..
And I couldn't understand why the men are crowding round the women and they were so happily posing for the men.
I wonder what would the men do with the pictures.
Post process it into something else...?? *evil grins*
I don't know much about cars.. . So all these are random...
The more expensive and sophisticated ones..
to our locally made cars..

I dont know what this is.
I saw a CANON and quickly snapped it..

What is caliber?

Flowery car ?

Promoting for PIONEER

and this looked like a toy car..


Nitin said...

ferrari f60, the yellow one is proton i guess. not really sure.. and that one with the takasima decal.. sweet.. remined me of an old toyota 1987 camroon i guess. 4 wheel drive used to get a body kit like that. but nowadays you never know.. it could be a mazda r-7 for all you know.

meiyi said...

hahaa. probably ferrari.... the owner drove away after i took the picture!!

Golden Man said...

Not a ferrari, but a Mitsuoka Orochi.

Pei said...

great pix..:)

Andrew Chan said...

The Takasima-sticker car is a limited edition Ferrari P4/5

meiyi said...

andrew: thanks for the info