Sunday, November 08, 2009

Muka Head Lighthouse

The best light house I have been so far in Penang is Muka head light house.
The night before, I was worried about the weather especially when I do not have proper water proof bags for my camera. And also, if it's a bad weather, my plans for photo shooting would fail.

I'm so glad, despite I came home with bad sun burn, I would say, it was my first time capturing pictures with really blue skies (just like the pictures I see over the internet).

It took me about a 40 mins boring hike up from the Muka head beach (some occassional stops) and the hike was worthwhile!

All these pictures are not post processed... :D (I claim.. )

As I was walking up the light house, the glory of the sun and the clouds on the bright blue sky captured my eyes.

I failed to take this - someone helped me to take, with the sun bursting out...

Through the frame of the windows of the light house. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!!
(NO.. i think it's a bird)

Overlooking Langkawi Island..

And that's Gunung Jerai at Kedah.

So excited!!!!
My background is nothing but blue skies
(Note: flash is turned on)


Nitin said...

the place has got a pretty view

Calvyn said...

pretty view with pretty gal

classyadele said...

u cut ur hair again?!

Pei said...

the scenery r really nice...i like the pic wif the clear blue sky; juz right below the 'overlooking Langkawi island'..:)

meiyi said...

nitin/calvyn/pei: thanks!

adele: i only go to the hair saloon twice a year ler.. :P

Joanne Chong said...

That stair case..almost kill me..
After reached the light house, no regret...

meiyi said...

joanne: so glad that you guys did not give up~~ else i'd be going there myself :P:P