Thursday, November 26, 2009

2 buffets in a day

It has been more than a year since I last visited Hatyai.
I realised that I shouldn't travel during the year end as Hatyai would be raining day and night everyday, without fail.

This made it difficult for me to walk around.
So, on my last day, the trip was just eat and eat.

I woke up pretty early hoping to catch a glimpse of sunrise but there was no sunrise view for me.
Then, it was the typical buffet breakfas that I had in Lee Gardens coffee house.

A typical breakfast meal with waffle, french toast, hot dogs, fried chicken, eggs and fries.
(seems like it was still the same stuff a year ago)

Eat loads of fruits.

Hatyai's version of kuih chiap.

Mangoes seemed to be cheap in Hatyai..

I had Sizzlers for lunch and ordered the 169baht meal.
Grabbed loads of stuff from the salad bar.

Toasted perfectly..

Yummy spinach soup.
And more miscellaneous stuff from the salad bar
And more..

And no more time for the salad bar...
because the main course came..
till I didn't had the time to finish the disgusting looking desserts :p
Ta-da! Served while it was still hot...
Only pork and fish cost 169baht.

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Simply Simply said...

The food looks so yummy