Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

The highlights of my birthday for this year was to visit Eastin on the first day of their openings.
Eastin opened for business on 12 Nov and coincidently, it falls on my birthday.

It was memorable for me as it was our first visit at Eastin, Penang located beside Queensbay Mall on its opening day.

We entered their Lobby lounge for drinks and photo shooting session.... :)
Before we ordered our drinks, we were welcomed with light snacks.
Best part was, they re-filled it 3 times that I had to ask them to stop refilling for us.

Fresh Mango Juice (RM8) and Long Island Tea (RM24) - the drink that made me drunk again.

Eastin welcomed me on the 12th November 2009.

The reception area..

The coffee house (Swez brasserie - I think)

Overlooking the coffee house..

One of the many flowers that they received..
Congratulations to Eastin for its opening on 12th Nov 2009.

I was trying to test out framing so the picture was not exactly taken nicely..

The couple actually asked my friend to snap pictures for them.
And job done! Well done. My favourite picture for the night

Thanks Soo Ling :)
God sent rain that my plans for swimming session failed so that I could celebrate my birthday in Eastin instead.
I loved the pictures taken after adjusting the picture quality settings but i have a problem with the WB. :(


Passionate Pei said... muz be a memorable wonderful bday 4 u tis year...:)
i like the potrait pic of u n natural..:)

so,wat happen aft ur nice Long Island Tea? ur face turn red to green again??;p

Nitin said...

happy bday pretty lady. may you have a wonderful year ahead of you. many hugs. looks like your photography is in full swing. have fun..

Simply Simply said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)