Sunday, November 01, 2009

James Foo Western Food, Fettes Park

After reading so much good stuff from Passionate Pei about James Foo Western Food, I decided to give it a try..
My sis ordered cheesy fish (not much cheese though) and it cost only RM7.50

My chicken maryland - RM8.50
It's really good... but a little too dry since there isn't any sauce.
It's worth the price as it looked as if it was a platter with ham, sausage and banana fritter.
Friend's pork and chicken - so much meat !!


Pei said...

good recommendation ya..;)

meiyi said...

but the soup sux. .:P

joannechong said...

i just back from there...
many people le..

meiyi said...

waa.. sure la! new year's eve wo.