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What Companies Should Really Do for Cost Cutting

I strongly agree that!
Sadly.... it's not happening here..

And, the worst part is the good employees are being retrenched.


Kirsten said…
Hello there

I know this is off tangent with your post but would you anyhow interested to hike up laksamana hill on labour day?

Masuk: teluk bahang forest reserve
Keluar: moongate via #5
meiyi said…
hello there...
i'm interested, but going down via moongate? it will kill me walking down the trail.... and would end up returning late evening..

and you are...?
Kirsten said…
ehh, the reply didnt turn up here

here is it again


true, i do agree with you that goin down via moongate is a bit of a knee killer
you can choose to go down via youth park #5 and #3 if you wish
i think i'll be goin down that way too

i've been through laksamana hill once and i tracked all the way, omitting the JKR jeep
bad choice, 1/3 way down from penang hill to 84, i can feel that my knee heating up from the impact of trotting down the sloppy tar road

i would personally recommend, teluk bahang all the way to the top tram station (with a sufficient lunch break in between) and later board the jeep to 84, and from there throught to #5

m not a season hiker, jus sumone who hike bout 50 times through out the entire year and i made it back to moon gate in the evening..bout 5 ish ? i do remember clearly that it havnt got dark yet by the time i made it back to my car

the reason that moon gate was picked as a meeting point cos its cant fail to spot the bus location as compared to youth park, one can be at one end while the bus is at the other and lost sight of it
you can park ya vehicle at youth park and walk to moon gate

oh, and m kirsten
i found ya blog thru shaun yap's blog (no, i do not kno him either, jus browsing around and stumbled across his blog)

my frens is organising this trip this time and m jus helping to increase the head count :P
so far, there ar bout 12 who has agree to join in the hike

do let me kno if ya ar interested to join this labour day laksamana hill hike, the latest being the 15th of april kay
and do call ya frens along

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