Monday, April 20, 2009

An afternoon at Audees

It was for a friend's birthday celebration and we needed a place where there is more privacy, and also convenient parking etc etc, thus, we have chose Audees. There are over 15 selection of main courses choice for the set lunch priced Rm22+.
1. Appetizer was the pie-tee salad.
still crispy
2. Then comes the soup that they forgot to give us the breadstix.
I dont' know what soup it was but it gave a bitter after-taste; it was pretty salty too!

Fish pastry puff was interesting.
I find that the Ribeye was worth the price cause the portioning was big.

Seafood Mushroom ( i think) and salmon..

Last but not least, unlimited flow of ice cream!
I wished they have hershey's chocolate syrup ,but they dont'!\
The cake was not complimentary.
We bought it in.
But at least they helped by serving it on a big plate.
I'm 16.. and she's 30... muahah!!!!


FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

How's the food? The set lunch is just RM22++?

meiyi said...

It's RM22+
I had the ribeye and I find that it was cooked well.

myjuek said...

all the food taste good or not?

meiyi said...

to me it's ok!