Monday, April 20, 2009

My Class monitor's First Song

I was pretty surprised that my class monitor told me that her first song that she could sing with actions when she was 11 months was a christian song..

it goess..

Hallelu (2x), Hallelu-yah,
Praise Ye the Lord

Praise Ye the Lord,
Praise Ye the Lord

So, christian parents, start teaching your children gospel songs first before Twinkle2 Little Star.

During how to teach Memory verse session few weeks ago at church's Children Ministry Training, we were told how well children can remember taglines of MOVIES/CARTOONS - not forgetting favourite verses of their fav cartoon songs.

How about memory verses?
Would it be boring, and will we leave long-lasting impression like the movies so that the children could remember it for the rest of their lives?

Teaching methods are IMPORTANT for sure!


ww said...

up till today, whenever I look for any book in the bible, especially the OT, this song goes on in my head -“genesis, exodus, leviticus …” – the song which u taught us in cgl cf

meiyi said...

aw... really!?
tat's SOOOO sweeet!

ww said...

what i mean is - i LITERALLY USE the song to help me locate the books in the OT - so no need to refer to the index liao - haha :P

but u didn't teach us the NT song

meiyi said...

it's the same..

matthew, mark, luke, john, acts romans..
1st and 2nd corinthians
galatians, philippians, ephesians.
thesselonians 1 and 2.
timothy, timothy, titus, philemon, hebrews and james
1st and 2nd peter, 1st and 2nd john,
3rd john, jude and revelation!!!!

continue singing the same tune gal!