Monday, April 27, 2009

Italian Affair in Langkawi

I was with two fellas whom I think are crazie over Carbonara.

Upon arrival, they would have a stop-over at Red Tomato Garden Cafe, Pantai Cenang for carbonara which is supposed to be the best!

Sadly, no water = no cooking = no carbonara.

So, we all ordered two pieces of toasts for lunch that costs us Rm7.50.

Second Italian place is at T-Jay's, Pantai Cenang for Penne Carbonara.

And one of the nights, we went to Mare's Blu, Telaga Harbour Park.
Great ambience, a total romantic place for couples - I dream of myself going on a date ONE DAY.
Just think of dining by the sea, surrounded with boats.
Or perhaps, I should sit over at Tapaz, where I could see more crowd.

Food at Mare Blu's is so-so only.
I dont' feel as authentic, though their pizza was crispy, yet I felt that something is missing.
My beef ribbon-liked tagliatelle is a little to soggy for my tounge.

So, towards the end of our trip, we went back to Red Tomato, and this time, I had Garden's special - Omelette. I think there is milk and butter in the egg's batter. I would say, Red Tomato has a different ambience - cosy jungle-like place, but price aint that cheap - cause we are really paying for the quality.

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