Monday, April 27, 2009

Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort

Between Chalets (at the jungle) and Suites (at the sea).
What would you pick?
Experience the sounds of the insects in the chalets and hear the sea waves at the suites.
You get the best of both worlds at Berjaya Langkawi Beach Resort.

I am quite fascinated with how they build the place, right in the middle of the forest.
I felt like I was in a jungle hiking/camping.
Would I be able to find my Mr George of the jungle there?
Room had a King sized bed and a day bed to read. :)
AND, it was those 22" Singer branded TV they had with Malay words.

Not only I'm a van driver, I'm also a Jeep/van driver now.
In order to access to our individual chalets/suits, we need to take a jeep ride from the hotel lobby as it may be a distance to walk.
The poolside is surrounded by angmohs sun-taning.
Every evening, they have a group of filipinos band singing the blues.
I'm able to see bigger waves at Berjaya beach as compared as Langkasuka as they dont have any bridges as a barrier.
Too bad, there is no sunset - blocked by the mountain/jungle/forest.

Sea water is clear and shallow until the very far end..
Mangroves tree aka Pokok bakau
And the benches at the beach.....


JulieTan said...

amoi.. u sure dat is mangrove tree?

meiyi said...

i think so la, by the looks of the roots

Simply Simply said...

How much per night? It's safe? the middle of the forest :P

meiyi said...

under berjaya membership, it's cheaper.