Monday, April 27, 2009

Langkawi Cable Car

I have always wanting to re-visit Langkawi since my last trip was 10 years ago.
And, I have always wanted to visit the suspension bridge that many had bragged about.
I finally had my chance to sit in the gondola to have a feel of Langkawi cable car.
I had to practically wait for the rain to stop and for the cable car to start operating again.

It was at mid-span that we were stopped for photo shooting.
The place is getting really cloudy covered with thick mist.

I could hardly see what's down, but the view of the sea was superb.
And the above is the suspension bridge and sky walk.
By the time I reach the suspension bridge, all I felt was just strong wind blowing against me.

It was as if I was floating.

Hair was wet.
As if I was at The Peak, Hong kong.
AND, it was just 652.5 meter above sea level.

I was chased away since it was too dangerous to take a stroll along the bridge.
Got to take a walk/hike all the way back to the main station.

Since it was a long queue going down (due to rain), i cut queue and sat beside a group of pakciks and makciks from Pahang.
They too, had their holiday.
And, it was free and easy for them.
I told them, I came all the way to see 'nothing' and just 'sit' on the cable car for fun.......
They also felt the same, and they didn't mind :)


amanda said...

Love your t-shirt "life is art".

meiyi said...

bossini on sale. :)
so cheap that i don't remember the price.

i like that tshirt too!

Pei said...

ur pic with the pakcik is so funny...he was like saying, eh, a pretty gal sitting beside me huh??