Monday, April 27, 2009

I dream of Boats..

It's always been a rich-man thing to have their own boats, after owning superbikes, sports cars, remote control cars..

Due to much influence from The GEM of Life cantonese series, I still dream of catching sea breezes while enjoying a glass of red wine.

In Langkawi, the dream is almost achieavable!
There are so many quays around.
We have Petronas Quay.

Telaga Harbour Park - Sabrina?
Oh well, some of the boats are for charters!
Can i own one of them for ONE night?

Fantastic - a dream come true surrounded by boats.
(If I could have a ride for a night, it'd be even better~!)

Awana Porto Malai - So quiet ler..


Simply Simply said...

Yayayaya...the boat looks like Terrance's boat, hahahahahhaha

meiyi said...

hehee.. i want terrance as my boyfren le.. muahahahahahaa......

JulieTan said...

ok.. there is a Terrence in starbucks egate ... go look for him... quite lenghcai too. i always call him handsome :p but he doesnt have a yatch for your romantic escapade....

meiyi said...

hmm.... really!?
if you have time, pLz kai siao.
i'll bring luck to him, and he'd be rich to own a boat/yatch.