Thursday, April 09, 2009

Catch of the Day: Shells

The sky was clear and the weather was excellent for siput korek-ing (shells digging).
Sad but true, I chose the wrong date as it's high tide.

I didn't know that Penang still has such beautiful beach.
It's at Sungai batu, Teluk Kumbar.

It's definitely a lot of hardwork.
Triceps training in progress.
And not forgetting my glutes.
I had to worry about my pants getting wet too!

Catch of the day.
We did not fail.

I enjoyed fresh seafood for tea-time.


Simply Simply said... to go there? U're very happening, so siok..

meiyi said...

near seafood place, hao you.
Masjid teluk kumbar.

aiyo.. mana happening.
if like that, most fishermen are happening people.

Adventurer said...

hey never come visit me :) my house is there :)

meiyi said...

aiyoyo.. Grace la..!!
never bring me to your house!!!