Monday, April 13, 2009

Jalan2 Cari Makan: Wantan Mee Variety

I was browsing some blogs and read about how much the blogger bragged about the wantan mee stall at Church Street, opposite Peranakan Heritage centre. The kopitiam has the same name as the budget hotel, ENG LOH.

Surprisingly, my sister had been there for lunch. According to her, the place is famous for its variety.

So, here we go.
We went, and the other friend who came along was pretty excited on our way.
As soon as we reached the destination, she went like, "THIS ONE??"
Darn.... big dissapointment for all, because she has been to the place, except me.

So, there we go.
We ordered some toasts with half boiled eggs (RM2.80) and interesting roti taiwan (RM3.20) which happened to be toast with lots of butter, peanut butter and nuts.

If you have high cholestrol, don't ever try it. But if you are a peanut butter lover (me, me, me), please do try !! It's really good and thick!!
I love it!!

As when my friend took out her Nikon, the wantan mee owner thought that we are some columnist, and going to do a write up about the place and post it on the internet.
She kept insisting us to take picture, in mandarin.
According to another friend, they are from KL (gee.. penang food? from kl?? argghh... i'm cheated!!!).
The sui kow which they claimed to be super good -> hm.. i told her she should put more 'prawns', but she went like, it's only RM0.70 per piece!!
What made their wantan mee so special was it was made out of only flour and egg (no water added). But then again, I don't make noodles, so I don't really know if in actual fact, water is added.

Drunken chicken which is supposed to be famous (RM3.50)
But I dont' really like drunken chicken :P


myjuek said...

i think the lady meant she didn't add the alkali water la (gan-shui).. not plain water =)

myjuek said...

my father used to LOVE the duck-egg char koay teow from Eng Loh...

meiyi said...

hmm. i had duck egg char koay teow near carnavon i think...
wat's gan shui water? very chim!!