Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Things To-do When You Are Flying Back

Bye, Bangkok.
The cigarettes are very cruel.
The consequences of puffing too much.
Pictures of people with ugly teeth, throat,lungs and arms.

Since it's good to check-in early, there is ample space for anyone to practically do-nonsense.
Like posing with the Parfumes?
Sampling their famous pork meat floss rice cracker THB140.
Go elsewhere for more sampling..
And a variety of pancakes (eg. chocolate flavoured)
Or endless of taking their tuk-tuk and elephant chocolates of different flavours (eg. macademia nuts, milk chocolate)
Before entering the no-bottles-liquid area:

And their aircon/air filter looks like this:

And now.. I'm resting peacefully at the plane, all by myself.
And a small glass of wine to go into deep sleep.
The coconut dessert that I brought home:


Dragon said...

wah, went bangkok! where is my souvenir? hahaha.

Simply Simply said...

back pack alone?
a very nice trip wor....
how many days of the trip?

mei yi said...

leng2: where is my KK's souvenir?
simply2: answer u offline. :D and i was not alone la.

Pei said...

wow!!ur hotel room looks nice...
how's the pork meat floss cracker?? looks yummy...

mei yi said...

yes, i liked the hotel too!
pork meat floss was nice but my tounge got cut coz I ATE too much of it!.
i think i ate half of 'em.. so it's 70THB worth of pork meat floss cracker

Josi3 said...

The coconut desserts looks appetising.. does it taste as nice as it looks..

reminds me of some nice nyonya kuih..
ok.. I am going to indulge myself with kuihs tomoro from the Buka puasa Rahmadhan market..

P/S: gal.. how could u post some mouth-watering kuih.... haha ;)

mei yi said...

i got EVEN more now.. just that u've gone offline!