Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Green Go!

I'm just starting to use my recycled bags to TESCO just now.
I feel so proud of myself using my own bag.
I earned 2 green points!

Something from the tesco website:
One (1) Green Clubcard Point bears the same value as one (1) Clubcard Point.
Each bag re-used is entitled to 1 Green Clubcard Point. Redemption value of points is the same as the Clubcard Points which is currently 1 point equals to RM 1 sen.
Green Clubcard Points collected will not be shown on the receipt on the day of purchase. Only numbers of bag re-used will be shown e.g 3 bags re-used = 3 Green Clubcard.
Green Clubcard points collected previously will only be updated 1 week later in the receipt as shown in the total accumulated Clubcard Points.
The actual total Green Clubcard Points collected will only be shown in your quarterly Clubcard statement.
Clubcard Members can bring any kind of shopping bags/ carrier bags, including our Bag for Life and even competitors bags to re-use.
To collect Green Clubcard Points for a transaction in store, your Clubcard must be presented at the checkout.


KNNBCCB said...

the Giant at my place kanasai, use a small plastic bag some more 2 item per bag... at least jusco and tesco has big bag

mei yi said...

tak faham..
i used my own recycled bag woh..
and they only give me 1 green point for my RM40 worth of stuff.

patricktoh said...

next time .. if you buy RM40 worth of things ... go through the counter 4 times .. with RM10 each .. then u'll earn 4 green-points :P hahahahaha