Thursday, September 18, 2008

Give Your Blood

It's a yearly blood donation at my church during the Ramadhan month.
The blood bank in the Penang Hospital is always indicating 'RENDAH' (low).

I looked a bit cacat here, but thanks to my CG member who was ever willing to snap a picture for me with her Canon.

Few things to take note if you are an eligible donor:
1. Weight > 45kg
I saw the youths who were 40kgs trying their luck.
2. Must not stay with any family member who had Hepatitis.
3. Must NOT be older than 50 yrs old, unless you are a frequent donor.
4. Cannot donate if you have stayed in UK. Mad cow disease ka? or any other countries.
5. Pregnant or menstruating.
Oops. I lied to a doctor before when I was menstruating last time.
6. Sufficient sleep (> 6 hrs of sleep)
7. No piercing/tattoo. Piercing > 1 year
8. No Hypertension/low blood pressure
9. Cholestrol also cannot be HIGH. :P lolz.. :D :P

And to know how much you have donated:
1. less than 55kg == only 300 ml
2. more than 55kg == 450 ml
3. 250ml == i donated this amount when I was a first-time donor back in university.

So, stay healthy and help some souls with your blood today!


yileen said...

Number 3 states that you must be older than 50 years old. You don't look 50. No, I'm not joking. You really don't! :D

mei yi said...

oops.. i meant.. must not......
i thought i corrected it.. got to do it again!

Shirokishi said...

Haha 50 years give blood, I think the person will pengsan :P

mei yi said...

God created our body to be able to build back the blood we lost.

KNNBCCB said...

nice pic. too bad everytime i mau korek my blood keluar, doctor tak layan me coz my blood pressure no ngam to donate, super high. the dude that draw out my blood so far is mosquitos

Josie Lim said...

must be super painful to donate that much of blood.. gasp..
Why not just peel out those dry scrabs from mosquito bites to draw out blood and then use those blood for donation.. hehe.. just kidding..