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Facebook Scare

Scary huh?

Facebook tells everything about your private life.
I feel so EXPOSED.

I received numerous comments, SMSes, IMs, FTF confrontation from people asking about this change of relationship status.
It was not even mentioned if I was married or engaged or in a relationship.

People tend to like to jump into conclusion.


Shirokishi said…
Yeah they should allow you to modify your relationship status with custom status. Then you can put down exactly what your status is ;)

Last time I change it around to test out the different options, everyone was giving me the 3rd degree interrogation :(
mei yi said…
y did u touch on that la!
Shirokishi said…
I was curious ma... now I know better than to mess with the controls there :P
you know i registered Facebook bcos my brother in law invited me, after that now i oso forgot my username & password liao
Karen said…
hahaha.. people curious mah. I also curious. kekeke.

Human nature is KPC mah. my name abbreviate liao really is KPC ;) but I am not that KPC lah k.

If someone already has married status, and just want to remove the status for some reason, facebook will tell "whole world" that so and so is no longer married even though it's not true. Definitely, people will think .. relationship ended. what lah..

If someone wants to put the status as married, facebook will tell everyone that so and so just got married.. even though that person could have been married for ages..apalah..

Not all features in facebook are that great. You complain to Facebook lah, ask them to turn newsfeed on this status thingy or report properly lah, dont simply add water and oil to someone's status. hehe..
Dragon said…
hahahaha, so funny!!!

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