Friday, September 12, 2008

Food available in Thailand

Random food pics... from Thailand..

They BBQ the sliced bananas and yam, smashed it and served it with coconut milk in a plastic bag.

Big Market (lau-pat-sat) Kuey cheap
Sky buffet's delicacies/cakes (or kuih)
I love those green bean stuff the most.
And surprisingly, Thai's kuihs are not as sweet and oily as the ones in Malaysia.

BBQ cuttlefish (Jiu Hu) dipped some spicey sauce outside Lee Gardens hotel
Coconut waffle -> that's my term!
It's really crispy yet refreshing.

Available almost any roadside.

Mango Pulut rice in MBK that costs THB70. OVERPRICED!The cheaper version on styrofoam in Hatyai -> courtesy of su-yin's camera.
Bird nest -> courtesy of su-yin's camera.
KFC's sundae. Look at the layers and dipped chocolate cherry!
I think it's smashed banana and a with Coconut strips at Lau pat sat.
The THAIs called it KAU SAI.
I dont' know why!!!!!
Junks from TOPS supermarket.
It's cheap with TOPS membership card.
Ikan bilis from market.

Nutmeg strips from the market:

Coconut ice cream from Gai-ta-gra, bangkok (i forgot to take a pic until i nearly finished it)
ABC Coconut ice cream from Lau pat sat.Fried ice cream from Gai-ta-gra.
and i'm DONE!!


Shirokishi said...

Kau Sai... hehe that got a chuckle out of me :)
I love the thai desserts that don't include coconut more though :P

Dragon said...

oh my god! i want the mango rice!!

Pei said...

why is it called 'kau sai'?maybe u shud ask ur cousin & c wat she says..

mei yi said...

dragon: YES.. i really miss the hatyai mango pulut rice.
i must go next year or so.
i miss hatyai!

pei: i don c my cousin online. maybe i will check with the other bangkok folks. :D